A 12 Month Countdown To Oz…

Leaked news from one of the Oz fans of THIS! SM confirmed (it would seem) for A Day On The Green at the Rochford Wines estate in Victoria for November, 2020.

So, it would seem I might be spending my 50th birthday down there? Or at least travelling down there shortly after the big FIVE-O.

Details are there on Ticketmaster’s AU based frontage. I was told by another fan it appears on the Bandsintown site too.

All seems legit…but of course, nothing is official until it is Simple Minds Official!

Stay tuned, folks! There must be more dates/info to come? (I’m going to regret Bordeaux just that bit more now. It would have helped pay for Oz!)

A Day On The Green – Sirromet Winery – Queensland

The final gig of the Australian leg of the tour. Another fabulous night had by Oz fans. Here’s one amazing photo taken by friend, Allan MacKenzie, of a gloriously sweaty Jim in action! Working for his supper, the man is! 🙂

And on to New Zealand they go for gigs in Aukland and Christchurch. Have fun with them, you Kiwis! 

More pics and reviews as they come in…

Melbourne “Review”

An extract from a rather catty review by Hannah Francis of The Age (Melbourne’s daily newspaper).

I am sorry, Ms Francis, but I think you will find that Catherine Anne Davies and Sarah Brown are two of the most incredible vocalists going round. Perhaps you are merely jealous you are a two-bit reviewer for a local newspaper? Anyone can be a critic after all! The fact that you couldn’t even be bothered to find out their names for your “critique” proves to me you are a mere “churnalist”. 

Have a nice day!