Washington Minds

A great “showcase” montage clip of SM at the 9:30 Club in Washington. Starting to think that, if I had been able to get to one North American gig…this would have been the one to go to. Sounds amazing…and the intimacy of the venue! Never seen them anywhere quite that small. I suppose the smallest place I’ve been to to see them so far was Barras – and well, if you’re gonna see Simple Minds ANYWHERE…no place could be more iconic, right?

The Hidden Mic “Trick”

I know I shouldn’t laugh..but just, holy fuck…this cracked me up and I need the laughs…and the reminder that – nobody’s perfect (esp. me) and that IT’S OKAY to be a fuck up…and as a good friend said to me…that, maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

Hard NOT to be hard on yourself when all you feel you do IS ENDLESSLY fuck up.

Thank you, Jim. Thank you for just…being the perfect accidental comedian 🙂 I adore you!

Happy Kerrsday Thursday, peeps 🙂

9:30 – The Best Time?

Wow! This video montage I saw on Instagram is AMAZING! Some of the venues they’ve played in so far have looked incredible…but for the sheer live music experience, the intimacy and atmosphere of the 9:30 Club is looking hard to surpass.

And…what a clip! Nice work, Mark!

What’s Your Name? What’s Your Nation?

Loving the bit of this soundcheck where everyone starts shouting out where they’re from 🙂 I’m assuming that “north of Sydney” dude will be at next month’s Newcastle gig? (That’s a few of hours “north of Sydney” right there…) Lucky sod!

The meet and greet was a fab experience…but if it had been tied up with a soundcheck? All the better! Perhaps next time. (I’ll at least have the funds next time!)

A bit of Love Song anyways…and you forgot my favourite lines, Lieutenant Kerrlumbo 😉 (if we had to pronounce it with a Scot’s accent, I’d never be able to do all these crappy puns with your name. Lol)