Today Is All About…

This piece of magic.

I know I did the mash up superimposing of the two images BUT…

Jim Kerr – I will love you all the rest of the days of my life for what you did for me as a consequence of me having a small bout of bravado and boastfulness.

I would have loved you anyway. I do love you. I always will. Nowt you can do about it now, Kerr! 😘😜

Beautiful. The artwork. You. The way you made me feel about myself. The way I felt that day. All of it.

Thank you!

Minds Music Monday – 5th Anniversary – Hunter And The Hunted

It’s anniversary time. Five years since I had an absolute heart attack and fell in love with Jim even harder than I ever thought possible! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

I never thought my heart rate was ever going to return to a normal rhythm.

And I was off to see kitties that day in Oz! And I had a lovely day, exploring a part of the city I grew up in that I hardly knew. That was a lovely afternoon in Sydney. It was dreich and VERY unseasonal weather for January in Oz – but it was perfect for me that day. It tempered my internal fire of excitement and just…. yeah. I don’t really remember much else of the rest of that day. Lol

So…today’s choice CAN’T be anything else but…Hunter And The Hunted! I’ll offer two very different choices. One I filmed at Colchester in 2018 – Jim making eyes at me (IN MY DREAMS!) and Charlie doing the keyboard solo on guitar (fans were up in arms about this – but I really loved how so quickly Charlie could adapt to the situation and always give a stellar guitar solo to the song). And the other from The Tube in 1982 – Jim’s making eyes AGAIN – to the camera. And just being smouldering and a delicious bloody sex god! Jesus, I adore you, Kerr! 🥰🥰😊😊❤️❤️

I deliberately left Muriel Gray’s intro in because it’s awesome 🙂