Eternal Hero

A wonderful friend of mine in Germany got me a copy of Rolling Stone with a Bowie special inside, and an exclusive 7” vinyl copy of “Heroes” and “Helden”. A genuine collector’s item. I am so, so happy and thankful. There are some really beautiful people in the world.

Mylo Promised U A Remix  

Having a vinyl sesseion at Casa Prip.

Playing one of my very fave Minds mixes at the moment. Jim’s vocal is SSOOO up front. And it does have a fab groove. A fab synth groove line.

What the hell happened to Mylo? He was EVERYWHERE!

(Yes, our sound system is right by the front door – thus revealing what a pokey little hovel we live in)

Been playing all these babies tonight!
From left to right – top row: Glittering Prize, Speed Your Love To Me, Don’t You (Forget About Me), Sanctify Yourself (double 7" gatefold. One single plays at 45 – the other at 33!).
Left to right – middle row: Sweat In Bullet (double 7" gatefold), Life In A Day, Promised You A Miracle, Up On The Catwalk.
Left to right – bottom row: Chelsea Girl, Changeling, War Babies.

Started playing this earlier. The music started and I thought “Oops, this sounds a bit wrong!” Lol. Thought it was a #45RPM – nope, it’s a 33.3! Jim: Alvin and the Chipmunks style was very entertaining. Lol #SimpleMinds #vinyl