Ideas To Overcome A Creative “Impasse”

Maybe setting limitations would work to do it? Having a set amount of time in the day? Some of these things I have tried before. Let’s doit again and see. But we’ll implement some different things this time. Anyway, ideas are worth sharing too…hence this post.

Click the image to see a video from BBC Ideas (in collaboration with the Open University).

Trying Again…

And already have that sinking feeling. How long does one persevere? Is a belief that you can master it enough? And at what point do you just admit defeat? Do you just keep persevering and persevering, despite the continual and resounding negative feeling that you will NEVER be any good?

Horrendous self-portrait No 2.

Mind The Birds – One For Sorrow – Magpie In Flight

It really have been some time since I did a drawing. I picked up the pencils tonight for the first time in WEEKS…probably two months or so.

Start back in easy with the birds. Birds I feel quite confident with, so it’s an easy return…but I shall try to expand in the time to come.

For now, here is a quick magpie sketch. As yet he has no alliterative name. I’m thinking Maurice…but nothing’s solid.


We have a name! Thanks to my lovely friend, Deb. Mitch the Magpie! 🙂

Mind The Birds – Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

All The Things She Squawked?

Two of them showed up on my Facebook timeline this morning, and I thought they’d make a great subject for a drawing. It wasn’t until I was finished did I suddenly realise that this is the VERY species of cockatoo that gets a starring role in a Simple Minds video…adorning Jim’s legs and lap, no less! (Lucky bird! Lol)


Persevering – Despite What I Was Saying…

Yesterday. I felt I needed to give up on humans. Well, one could argue I haven’t actually DRAWN a human today…having drawn “Thomas Jerome Newton”. Been to London today to see The Man Who Fell To Earth at the BFI Southbank. Just felt like trying him. Not the most perfect example, granted…but not bad. Not the WORST drawing I’ve done.