Kerrsday Thursday – Hanging Around Ad Poster Bingo!

Had a day of playing “SM ad poster bingo” by visiting the areas on the list of billboard locations Ronnie Gurr gave me. I think I’ve found them all now. Also saw the Oscar Marzaroli exhibition at Street Level Photoworks on Trongate, as well as seeing a John Byrne exhibit next door. Had a lovely lunch too. And all with splendid company.

Back To The Loch

Went back to Balloch and Loch Lomond today. I made a playlist containing all the little short videos I recorded there today, and there’s a vid of me waxing lyrical about my continuing love affair with Scotland. May it last the rest of my days.

Photos too! And because I am Queen of the selfie fail, I thought I’d share the fails too. Geez I am SSSOOO photogenic! Not.

Priceless Prints

I wasn’t too wrong with my projection of how many SM/Jim Kerr prints of Virginia’s I’d end up with. I think we’re going to end up near something like 140-150. Nearly there.
This one’s a sort of Kerrsday nostalgia trip…
Throwback Kerrsday, if you will.

Gay Paris! – Part Two

Today would have been the day I was flying back to Paris for another Simple Minds gig. And then onto Bordeaux for another one two days later. A meet and greet, no less.
Probably would have been shitting myself again. Worried about Mr Kerr and what he thinks of me. Always do. Always will. Ridiculous, really. But there we are.
Anyway…perhaps I’ll turn around and go in 2021…who knows?
Nothing is ever certain in life. Nothing lasts…

Simple Minds In Classic Pop Magazine

Simple Minds are the main feature in this month’s Classic Pop magazine, talking tours, new material, recording time, as well as talking about the release of the Street Fighting Years box set.

Non-subscribers to the magazine will be able to purchase the cover seen above, but subscribers get a different exclusive cover. I will post image of that later.

There is also a review of SFY further within the magazine.

So far the reviews for Street Fighting Years haven’t been overly kind. And this isn’t much different. Not as harsh as the Mojo hiding that’s for sure. I now find myself getting strangely defensive of the album.