To The Donors So Far…

I did the draw a day early. I was worried that I wouldn’t get to have the time to do the draw tomorrow, so while I was lazing about today, resting up from yesterday, I recorded the draw on FB Live earlier this afternoon. The name drawn was Julz Finley, so the print will be winging its way to her in the next few days. Congratulations to Julz. And thank you so much to all the donors. You guys are ace! We raised just short of £300! From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU! 💖💖💖

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Some Things Are More Important – Race For Life Charity Auction

UPDATE: I have just over two weeks to go until race day and have raised just over £200 so far. If I can get to £250 by race day, I will be SO, SO happy! If you haven’t donated yet, please consider it. Don’t forget that all £10+ that get the money raised to the £250 target by race day go into a draw to win a rare and unique SM print signed by Jim Kerr.

Priptona's Simple Minds Space

Last year when I participated in Race For Life for Cancer Research UK – I raised a meagre £68. I had a target of £150. I didn’t even make it to half my target. The only thing that kept me incentivised was…I would be doing something active for my own personal health. How could I see £68 making any damn difference to cancer research?! What would THAT achieve?

This year I have increased my target to £250. I’m already off to a great start with two £10 donations. But I want more! I want to make a difference!

I was going to give away a Priptona print to the highest donor. But, I don’t think that is incentive enough. Or even fair to other donors. So, I am going to make a big sacrifice here! All minimum £10 donations will go into a draw to win THIS! (See pics below.)

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WANT! Gig Wish List – Number One!

THIS IS HAPPENING! OMG! I AM SSSOOOO FRIGGING EXCITED! I’m going to see Stewart bloody Copeland at the Festival Hall next Saturday! OMG!!! I think I may scream the house down!

Priptona's Simple Minds Space

OMG! I only saw this today. The gig (in London anyway) is 18 days away. I WANT THIS SOOOO MUCH! This man is…my drumming GOD. He is everything, in drumming terms, that I would ever aspire to be. I’ve never seen him live. It would be ssoooooo amazing to see him. So amazing.

I probably won’t be able to buy a ticket until next week. So…I just have to hope and pray some will be left then. Fingers crossed! It would be a DREAM to see him.

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Big Gold Dreams – A Story Of Independent Scottish Music: 1977 -1989

Due for release on February 22nd on the Cherry Red Records label is a 5 CD box set of the best of Scottish music released on independent record labels from for first stages of punk in 1977, through to the modern mainstream in 1989.

It’s an impressive and extensive list of acts to come out of such a small country, and a number of them go on to find major commercial success – none more successful than “our” Simple Minds – then not quite fully formed and under the original moniker of Johnny And The Self Abusers. The song that features is Dead Vandals (of the two songs that JATSA commercially produced, this is the one I prefer – even though Saints And Sinners by its pace adheres more to the punk ethos).

Below is a review in the most recent issue of Record Collector magazine. The review is very good. At the end of the post, you find a “taster” playlist on Spotify as to what’s to come on the box set.

You’ll also find a documentary, well, more a multi-interview piece about the music scene in Scotland during this thriving and almost creatively saturated period – with contributions from industury insiders, DJs and presenters and musicians.

Flickr-ing Memories

Hmmm – this got viewed today and then I see paralells with a post on SMO FB this morning. One wonders…
He certainly wasn’t so dismissive of Shake Off The Ghosts this morning!
Happy Sparkle Anniversary for yesterday ❤️

Priptona's Simple Minds Space

I’m starting to go through the process of tidying up my Flickr account. With something like 20,000 photos in there, it is getting to be quite a trawl looking through them for a specific photo.

Yesterday I started with a folder of all the black and white SM pics up to 1984, today I started a folder of all the interactivity with Jim (either myself, or with other fans) that I’ve screengrabbed from FB.

My own interactivity with Jim started much earlier than I thought. This is from Friday, 13th (an omen!) March, 2015. Well over three and a half years ago! I don’t know why but in my head I didn’t feel the interactivity really kicked off with him until after I started sharing the art…but it actually was happening before that.

Aawww! It made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Lol! Look at him telling me to “calm…

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The Collared Shirt Aesthetic

A man in a long-sleeve plain cotton collared shirt. It is an aesthetic I love and by God, there are few men who pull it off better than this absolute Adonis. Yep…the collared shirt aesthetic and the 1981 Kerr aesthetic are converging and hitting me something rotten right now. So this post is basically an excuse to ogle Jim in a collared shirt. Stretched tight across his titties…that’ll do me! I objectify this man so much! SHAME ON ME! #SorryNotSorry

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