“RockField – The Studio On The Farm” Documentary To Air On BBC Channels!

The documentary on the famous Monmouthshire recording studio is set to air simultaneously on BBC Two Wales and BBC Four on Saturday, July 18th at 9pm BST.

Below is a trailer on the documentary – with a tiny snippet of Jim discussing Simple Minds’ meeting with David Bowie and Iggy Pop while the band were there recording second album Real To Real Cacophony in 1979.

I have been hoping this would be getting a UK airing at some point. Really looking forward to this one.

Bye Bye 2020 – 50th Birthday Bash And The Year Of Gigs.

In exactly 4 months time, I’ll be turning 50. This was meant to be my big celebratory year. You only turn a half-century once, right? (Thankfully!)

So…I decided that this would be the actual LAST HURRAH! The big final bash of a mass of Simple Minds gigs. I go to places around Europe and then the final “holy grail”. The culmination of it all. The place I have prayed I’d be able to see them play in since becoming mega fan – my home city – Sydney. But why stop at Sydney? Melbourne is only an hour on the plane, and cheap enough to get to these days. And I bloody love Melbourne – so there too. And, although I am not a fan of wine or outdoor festivals much (depends on several factors!) I thought I’d go to Bimbadgen in the Hunter Valley too.

The gigs kept mounting up. Copenhagen was meant to be JUST THE FIRST in a year full of SM gigs.

Paris, Bordeaux, Leeds, Dublin, Glasgow – then down to Blenheim Palace for the Nocturne gig – the over to Taormina (roped into that one as I was) a month after that – then a cluster of late summer UK gigs, Aberdeen, Edinburgh (Summer Sessions), Newcastle – then finally the trio of Australian gigs. FOURTEEN in total!

And other gigs besides Simple Minds. More Warm Digits gigs. John Grant. Crowded House. Jimmy Webb. Primal Scream. The Stranglers. Probably others I have forgotten.

All kaput! All…with any luck…happening in 2021. Except…some of these gigs may not be able to take place for me personally in 2021. Yes, I’m sure Jim will be crying into his lemon zinger at the thought of me not being at as many gigs next year. Lol. Given the face I was getting towards the end of the Copenhagen gig, I highly doubt he’ll miss seeing my face.

Hey…”nemesis” took over. (I have been listening to Bettany Hughes’s podcast about “The Ideas That Make Us” – a kind of philosophical history on the ideas and language that makes up modern civilisation – so in the context of “nemesis” in ancient Greece – I am using it in the correct context.)

So, I lick my wounds. I take it on the chin. I have my “woe is me” moment. Count my blessings and get the fuck over it.

Move it forward a year. Crack on.

In the meantime…

A Change Of…Terms?

Where do I start? Well, I start by saying – the blog ends up being my safe place for a moan…a gripe…a whinge. Mostly because I know Jim doesn’t want to hear it. I appreciate that.

Well, I kind of expressed, briefly, in the comments about the use of the phrase “longterm” – like how I had my gripe that got me into a WHOLE HEAP of trouble about “real fans” – ooh, at least he steered clear of THAT! Lol

But I elaborated on my gripe here. I often do. And go on about wishing I could be his “penpal“…in a sense. (I could easily cut his hair. I cut my OH’s hair most of the time.) That I’d love to interview him for the blog. That I wish “discs and doughnuts” could actually be A THING – just one time – between the two of us. Also, I go on about how I miss him pretty much every day he isn’t on Facebook. Lol.

I just crave the connection I felt was there some time back.

I’m a clingy, lovelorn, emotionally retarded fuckhead – I know! (Honestly, Alasdair Gray’s writing speaks sssooo fucking much to me! I’m there most of the time thinking “Know how you feel, Al. You’re speaking my language, friend!” Geez, I wish I had got to meet him now! Damn!)

Something happened though. And when that “something” sometimes happens, I forget to give a word of thanks. A “thanks for listening”…for taking it on board. For making me feel like…I have a voice, I am still being listened to. Appreciated. That my feelings matter. That you still care. Maybe? Hopefully? Perhaps it’s all still just delusional wishful thinking…

But just in case, Jim…thank you! Coincidence, no doubt. Wishful thinking? Most likely. Even if so, the “change of heart” post was greatly appreciated.

And well…hey fans…feel like trying to get your story in the book? Expressing your “Sense Of Discovery” of Simple Minds? Here’s your chance! You have just over a month to submit something. I think this may be one HUMONGOUS book!

Ever since reading this morning’s post, this has been the earworm…

Midsummer In Glasgow – Lockdown Adventures

I hadn’t been down to the Clyde since I saw Brian Ferry at the SEC Armadillo on March 3rd and I had desperately wanted to go there over the past couple of months. So with it being a mighty fine day yesterday and it almost the height of midsummer, I decided to set out for the Clyde in the afternoon.

Here’s a photo montage from yesterday’s venture…

Photos taken around the Great Western Road and the West End around Kelvinbridge, into Finnieston, onto the Clyde itself, through Woodlands (avoiding going back through Kelvingrove Park on the way back) then back through St George’s Cross to get home.

Simple Minds In Canberra…

I absolutely LOVED Graham Kennedy. Known as “The King” in Australia, he wasn’t without his controversy. He particularly enjoyed performing impressions of Australian crows (which are actually ravens – just putting that ornithological fact out there for you) – which can sound like they are swearing rather painfully if you’ve ever heard them?

Anyway….I have no recollection of this, but I can bet I was watching the show that night. I was always watching Coast To Coast – it was essential viewing for me.

Finding this clip on the DVD had me tickled pink, it really did.

More little snippets of clips to come…

The Prince Charles Of Stadium Rock?

OMG! Those clips on the DVD were GOLD DUST! There’s a clip from 1989 from Good Morning Australia (seemingly) – Basia Bonkowski is interviewing Jim and well…just watch the clip below. Lol (It’s the ears, right?)

The observant amongst you MAY see something that actually shouldn’t be there. I couldn’t help myself.
*smiles sheepishly*