I Know I Said No More Uni Talk…

And, I really won’t bring it up any further now, BUT….I made this…because I feel a bit giddy. I got my latest assignment result. And, seriously….I’m much more happy about the feedback that has come with it. It’s just wonderful. I cried. But, the mark is reflective of how wonderful the feedback is. So, I made a silly jokey thing. I love these screenshots of Jim from that short Canadian TV interview in 1981. Jesus Christ, what a beautiful man! So I allowed myself some fun with one. Taking the piss out of myself, ostensibly.

Anyway…the assignment result!

I am genuinely stunned. And you’ll know from previous posts just how much I was dreading having to reflect on my own work and how I feel I am doing so far as a student.

The lesson I take from it? To REALLY SEE my worth! And to SEE that I am doing very well with my study and I will only do better if I continue to apply diligence and persistence and stay the course! Finally, to know when to be hard on myself, and to truly know when I am being TOO hard on myself.

Thanks, Jim! Lol

Love you! ❤️

(As if he’d give two shits to whether I’m doing well or not. Never mind. It’s whether *I* care is the point that matters.)

2 thoughts on “I Know I Said No More Uni Talk…

  1. Bloody well done!! Told ya. But don’t get too high with a great mark and too despondent with what you perceive to be a low mark.Find a middle ground. Just keep your head down and chip away at it like a block of marble that’s going to be a fine sculpture at the end ( if that makes sense) lol. You know what I mean. Well done!’

    • Thank you. 😊 I think I’m finding that middle ground. I think that’s why I was marked so well with it. If I use my head properly, keep the negative emotions and thoughts at bay and really look at my year objectively, I’ve done well. I’m on target for passing the module with around a 70% pass. That ain’t nothing to be sneezed at!
      Thanks for the ongoing support too, Scobes. It means a lot. 😊👍🏻

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