Temporary Hiatus – Minds Music Monday – Big Sleep

Not much will be happening here on the blog for the next week as I have to knuckle down for my next uni assignment. Demotivation is starting to rear its ugly head and I need to try and deal with that.

So here’s an apt Minds Music Monday choice. I chose this clip because Jim smiles a lot.

Ah, today’s post…seeing a lady share a photo of this beautiful smiling face she got from Jim. Jealous much? You bet I was! Nothing would make me happier than to see that smile and know that I had produced it…rather than…that look that says “Why are you still here? Please go home, go away. Tiresome woman.”

Wish I could put the ‘Big Sleep’ on my feelings…

2 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus – Minds Music Monday – Big Sleep

  1. Ahh, the ol’ demotivation. 😂 a bastard that must be dealt with head on. 😂 I found that getting myself to the Mitchell solved that for me.couple of hours , down to the cafe, cup of tea , stretch the legs, then back for another couple of hours .

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