Countdown To Paris – Gig Day!

Arrived safely in Paris. It’s aeound 6am And Ii’m typing without my glasses on. Had hardly any sleep. Serenaded by the snorer from hell. Thought I packed earplugs but couldn’t find them in my bag. Much to my detriment. Sorry for any typos but….


4 thoughts on “Countdown To Paris – Gig Day!

      • I trust you have researched the neighboured you are staying in? Last time I was in Paris I didn’t and ended up in St Denis which is a fucking hellhole. Sounds lovely though. 😂 “Saaan Deneee “

        • Yes. It’s quite close to the venue just on the other side of the Seine, near the Metropole station of Billancourt – in the Boulonge Billancourt area of the city. Should be good, with any luck. The weather is going to be nice and sunny anyway. I’ll be warm for a few days at least. 😊👍🏻

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