Two To Go…

Slowly slowly, catchy monkey!

I feel like that woman that I met at Liverpool on the Acoustic Tour – her saying to me every few minutes for two hours, “I feel sick, I feel sick.”

I do feel sick…with anticipation and dread. The mere idea that this man is just not looking forward to seeing me just makes my heart want to implode inside my ribcage.

Put on your best performance, please, Jim? Let me go away with the delusion that the feeling is mutual – that you were happy to see me. That, perhaps, you even missed me…a little. Lol. Yeah…I know! What a dreamer!

In the meantime, I have study to do. And, Scott – worry not! I didn’t “cram” much. I embellished some. I am a part-time student with full-time hours at her disposal and this was a light week of study due to the previous week being given over to us working on our assignment. It was an approx. 7 hour study week, opposed to the usual 12/13 hour week – so that’s why I could get the week done in one day. It wasn’t coursework as such, either. It was about “Academic Integrity” so…all about our journey as students and mastering quoting other people’s work, in-text referencing, paraphrasing, plagiarism and all that side of it. It’s all good, Scobes – dinnae fash yersel.

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