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  1. Sorry about all these replies. Just watched the video there for BGP and there are loads of shots of Queens Park in it from the famous front gates leading up to the steps and shots of the pond as well looking onto Pollokshaws Rd. It is a great park .

    • Thanks, Scott. I don’t know how that bit of his conversation with his mum passed me by. I’ll be a sad git for admitting it made me a bit misty eyed. Silly really! He makes you feel as if you know him when he writes stuff like that. It’s daft.
      Anyway, I am determined to get to see more of the south side some day soon.

  2. From Dreamgiver

    ” “It was then I was startled by the knock on the door and my mother’s voice asking me if she could enter. Before I could answer she was already standing in front of me, coffee in one hand, fruit salad in the other. Firing questions a dime to the dozen. “That sounds really great. I love it. What is it called? Will you record it? Can I get a copy? What does Charlie think? Will it be a single?” And then she took a pause, and with her skinny wee face and huge blue enquiring eyes, stared into me and asked. “What is it about?””

    “”I don’t know.” I shrugged. “It’s nostalgic and it’s about all of us when we were growing up. Me, my brothers, our pals…, the band. Hanging around Queen’s Park. Growing up in Glasgow. It is also about what fucking great fun we had!”

    “”Hey you, watch your bloody language!” she snapped.”

    “And then turning to leave she smiled and laughingly said “The Minds are great!””

  3. Snuff Mill. That’s the actual Mill building to the left of the photo. I grew up here ( teenage years 12 up to the age of 24) literally a 30 second walk from the Bridge. My mum still stays just around the corner from it. Aye, Jim documented a walk he does which takes in this area , Cathcart Cemetery , Linn Park etc. His dad stayed just up the road .
    It’s funny how you describe it as being mystic. I associate Linn Park with playing football and getting pished on cheap cider. 🙂

    • I’m obviously being overly romantic and nostalgic today. Lol. I’m guessing more by your memory of it that Linn Park could very well be the elusive “Broken Glass Park”?
      I used to call this bit of public pathway just around the corner from where we lived in Luton the “enchanted wood”. Lol. There really wasn’t anything THAT “enchanted” about it. But the birds loved it and I’d see lots of different types. In this part of Glasgow, I tend to see the some old lot – Magpies (which ARE lovely, I do love corvids), feral rock doves and gulls. If I’m lucky, I see sparrows (tend to hear them more than see them though), blue tits, or the odd robin or starling. I miss blackbirds. I don’t ever see them or hear them much here.

      How was your Easter? Have any choccies?

      • Sorry Larelle , just read your response. Never really thought where’ Broken Glass Park’ was. If Jim is referring to a park from childhood I don’t think Toryglen boys would’ve ventured that far out the way for it to be Linn Park.Could be Cathkin where the old Third Lanark football team used to play or Queens Park. Maybe even Richmond Park ?

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