What’s In A Name?

Well…a lot, if your name is like mine and you’ve suffered years of people saying it wrong.

The latest was Google Assistant. I accidentally kicked it in on my phone earlier this evening, and the female voice said my name that instantly grated on me! L*A*relle – hard A. It sounded yuk!

I subsequently learned you could teach her how to say it correctly. A first attempt was better…but still wasn’t quite right…

A couple more attempts and it was spot on!

The whole time I’m thinking “if only she could just say it like Jim does”…
And then I was thinking of Liverpool and meeting him for the first time and what he said the first time he saw me…and I couldn’t help myself…

NEVER had I been so happy to be called “you” as when Jim said it. Lol. But how I loooove hearing him say my name. He’ll probably never, ever say it again now. Lol

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