Weekend WhirliGIG Wish – Newcastle City Hall, 20th Nov. 1982

Of course, we have had the visuals for this gig, in a truncated 35 minute set that Virgin Records recorded…but this is the full gig from the night. It would be wonderful if Virgin would release the full visual experience…or even a higher quality audio experience of the full gig than this already quite passible version. If it were going to happen, you’d have thought it would have been part of the New Gold Dream box set, but alas, we were just given that 35 minute edit (if memory serves).

For your delectation, rather sassy versions of Sweat In Bullet, King Is White, I Travel and Celebrate. Sit back, enjoy, and pretend you are there (much like I do just about every day).

The beautiful Ally Scott was there…and I really try not to do the whole “envy” thing…but, oh, to be in Ally’s place that night! Damn, girl!! (Love you, Ally! You know I do 😘)

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