Needing Spark…

I’m trying to keep the site fresh and appealing (even though it *is* a personal blog, and Kerr rich/heavy).

I’m pretty broke at the mo. Spending is at a minimum. I can’t spend out to source rare material from magazines, etc. 

The art keeps going…but, well, there’s only so much SM themed art I can do…and I am worried that trying to do another 100 Simple Minds themed lyric pieces will be….too much (as much as it pains me to say that!).

I still have some “why I love” pieces to write up. 

Kerrsday Thursday is pretty much “no more” (see above for at least one reason).

I love the weekend whirliGIG concept…but it’s just once a week. And then there’s Minds Music Monday.

Jim is really quiet. No news is forthcoming. I’m assuming due to the date of the formation of the band, no album release is happening until November. Perhaps we only just have a few short weeks to wait before we start getting news and momentum will build up again in the next few weeks?

I really, REALLY hope so! The wait is now getting quite agonising.

*twiddles thumbs*

*taps fingers on tabletop*

I want to inject more LIFE into this site…band news in the form of album release and future tour details would REALLY help inject some life into the place.

In the meantime, if you guys have any ideas for the blog. Subjects you’d like to see, etc…gizza buzz!

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