Simple Minds – Factory – And … WOW!

I thought I had watched all these clips. And I know one for Real To Real exists (was looking for a clip to work on a piece with)…but I have NO recollection of watching this particular clip.

And I was watching just…in awe, and doing my usual verbally expressive thing of talking about it to myself out loud, watching. The one phrase I kept saying over and over, as I watched, agog, with my hands over my mouth was, “Oh, he is devastating!” The only other bit of the whole clip that drew my attention was the bit of the camera to Brian as he is doing that drum piece I love so much in the song…towards the end. Brian was GOOOOOD. He really does not get enough credit in my eyes. 

But, that boy at the centre! Yep…most likely off his tits…but gobsmackingly delicious and intoxicating. Those moves…all that mic cord wrapping. KILL ME NOW! 😫😫😫😫😫


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