3 thoughts on “Minds Music Monday – 20th Century Promised Land

  1. Whenever I hear this I automatically think of the movies Metropolis and Things To Come. I’m 46 and even when I was 15 and 16 (when I first saw those movies) those are the images that popped up in my minds. Stories came like the wind (seems like a reference to a great war and the fall of civilization) Ringing out footsteps, Calling out steel-heels (seems like democracy has given way to a dictatorship)I give voice, I give breath (the people are in castes and the state controls every aspect of their lives) And the reason for fear was moving on, (the government is to be feared) Some time,Great times, Troubled time, (freedom is a memory now there is only fear of the state as well as talk of rebellion) Promised land,(this is sarcasm because the state promised law, order and freedom but delivered opression)Here come every day,It only lasts an hour, (maybe refering to the hour this society gets as a “break” when not working for the state)Unhappy the land that has no heroes,(the people need heroes to rise up and defend them) No! Unhappy the land that needs heroes (there should be no need for heroes if the state was just)

    I’ll call you out,I’ll scream you out,And I don’t care if you’re afraid,When city sounds invade the air. (perhaps the revolution has began and citizens must choose a side, even if it means death and the “city sounds” could be that revolution in progress)Catch the wind in their hands,(you CANNOT catch wind in your hands so it seems as if the rebellion was crushed or it was all a dream during that “hour” of rest)

    LOL! Didn’t mean to write a book but I could talk SM all day everyday! Take care!


    • Don’t apologise for the length of what you’ve written, it’s great. And I love hearing other people’s interpretations of Jim’s lyrics.
      It always just brings on an added emotion for me because I know that … if I am playing SFC (and not listening to a playmix shuffle) that Wonderful In Young Life will follow.
      There is so much depth to Jim’s words…possibly even a deeper meaning than he meant for them to have. Such amazing words from such a young man.

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      • Thank you! And it’s funny that you mentioned “Wonderful In Young Life” I can remember how those lyrics explained my young life. And now that I am a father and my kids are in their late teens, 20’s and 30 I see that in them. “Whatever the weather the climate is perfect so young and so young in life” When you’re young and in love you could care less if it’s burning hot, pouring rain or a blizzard. As long as you’re with that person it doesn’t matter. That’s how I felt about my wife 25 years ago in college and today 🙂


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