What’s In Store?

So, what happens between now and the start of the Acoustic Tour in Europe on April 8th in Essen, Germany? It’s just over six weeks away. 

From what I can gauge, Jim is currently in Glasgow. And from what he said in reply to a lady suggesting he write his autobiography, he is in the middle of doing just that! Perhaps that’ll be taking up the next six weeks of his time?

But there could (hopefully) be some recording time for the follow-up to Big Music? I suppose it depends on what the others are doing with their time too. As far as I know, Mel is going around gigging solo, but he will most likely be doing that for most of the year, seeing as he is not involved in the Acoustic Tour. I would assume that (if, as it seems) while Jim is writing away – Charlie will be working on material for the new album?

And of course, it still leaves the question as to what happens AFTER the Acoustic Tour. Will there be other dates? There are two London and Dublin dates (as well as double dates in European cities)…yet Glasgow has a single date? Something doesn’t ring right there. That is leaving me pondering. Something must be planned for later in the year, surely?!

Will there be more recording time after the spring dates? Will the album be completed and we see a release of the album bang on the 40th Anniversary of the band’s formation in November?

I can’t help but ponder what is to come…

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