Jim And George

I had a little three way convo today (if you could call it that) between Bruce Butler (whose involvement in the music industry I was BLINDLY IGNORANT OF at this point) and Harry Williams (who will probably, no doubt, turn out to be some award-winning music journalist/historian! KMN!) about Harry’s AMAZING review (of the A Day On The Green gig in Melbourne) having just one little bit of info…wrong. Bruce said the same (we saw different things) – both “errors” in the SM section of the review. Mine was proper pedantry…well, Bruce’s was too…so much so, I questioned his questioing of Harry…having NO IDEA who I was speaking to!!!!!

Of course, I then went looking at Bruce’s FB page, because as soon as I questioned HIS question and got the response I got (it was about Hunter And The Hunted and the keyboard bridge – trivial to the main reason for the post, per se), I had a hunch about something. I finished by case with him by saying “I bow to your superior knowledge Mr Butler”, and for fear I might have offended him (it was meant tongue-in-cheek and in jest – he was right after all!) I thought I better look to see who he is…who I was talking to. I NEARLY DIED! Lol. My reply to him felt SO RUDE! But I had GENUINELY NO IDEA! I wanted the ground to swallow me up…

In my perusal of his FB profile, I saw THIS!!! (Shared via Bruce’s page…it’s a public post, so I really hope it shows up, because it is a GEM!)

Jim, at Molly’s, “playing” (okay, he’s just holding it…but playing sounds funnier) with a Boy George doll! Wearing the shirt from the Up On The Catwalk video…but just when there is that little bit of “rock star” on show with that shirt – TRACKIE DACKS!!! I LOVE IT!!

What an awesome photo. And just the distraction from an otherwise tough old day.

You can read Harry’s awesome review HERE

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