Bon’s Gone Prog!

My friend, Jim, shared this with me (yes, I have a friend called Jim – I’d like to think I have TWO friends called Jim – one could very definitely become a “friend with benefits” – if he wanted to. God, do I wish! If I would ever be so brazen as to even suggest we even had a “friendship”, rather than a “rabid fan/iconic-lead singer-pedastal-hero worship” kind of “relationship” going on – but I WILDLY digress. I tend to do that a lot.).

Bon Scott, in a group called Fraternity. Very prog. HE PLAYS A BASSOON! Lol. I knew he played bagpipes…but BASSOON?! And lead recorder too, so Jim informs me. But that voice! I mean…wow…he really could sing. I think a voice like his gets overlooked because it’s used in heavy rock and no one really gets to detect how bloody fabulous some rock singers are. 

Bon was very definitely one! And Brian Johnson has never been any substitute for me. It’s like trying to replace Dame Joan Sutherland with Honey G! Okay…maybe not as extreme as that. Lol. But I found it very hard not to hear Brian Johnson as a two bit mimic. Trying to sing with Bon’s style and nuances. You can’t fake that stuff. Either it’s in your voice or it isn’t. It always sounded like Johnson was forcing his voice that way. 

I miss Bon. He was fabulous. A man who shouldn’t really be naturally deemed sexy…but he just had a charisma. A charm. He just oozed sex. Maybe it’s a Scots thing? (What *is* this thing I am developing for Scottish men?! Well, one in particular these days…)

Anyways, enjoy Fraternity, and an early Bon Scott (complete with home job fringe cut!).

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