Oh, It’s Embarrassing…

But I have to dabble with trying the new apps out SOMEHOW…

One can never have enough (or make enough) shrine art. 

I have printed SO MUCH stuff (not ALL my stuff has been printed…but quite a bit has…and I have quite a bit of Shaun Edwards’ stuff too…let alone ACTUAL merch/memorabilia) now…when it actually gets put up on the walls (if that day ever comes), this house shall be renamed the Jim Kerr museum. 

2 thoughts on “Oh, It’s Embarrassing…

  1. Will you make a post of his 6th radio show at Laguna Beach? Would really appreciate it.

    La Force

    • For some reason, last night’s show was a repeat of show number three. I don’t know what happened there. Also KX 93.5 had said last week on a post to the Simple Minds Facebook page visitor wall that it would be a 2 hour special. That didn’t happen. I’m waiting to see if Jim posts anything about it on the SM FB page. But for now, no need to put anything up here as last night was a straight out repeat of show three. Sorry.

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