Art At Heart?

I think I really need to do something with this art thing. Pursue it professionally? I feel a blagger and actually talentless…well, that’s not wholy true, not TALENTLESS…there is some skill there. Great skill to augment, manipulate…refashion. The best of them did that, right? 

David Bowie was accused endlessly of a certain corvid behaviour. Stealing ideas from people and reshaping them and using them for his own means? 

Using certain keyboards. They have pre-sets to start you with a idea, yes?

I’ve just been scared to take that step. The professional step. Worried that maybe if there WAS some slim chance of me doing visual work for some Minds project (I never banked on it, AT ALL, but would let myself fleetingly dream and imagine so), that me having done it in a professional capacity might scupper any potential work with them. But I realise now that that idea is horse twaddle! Lol. And, if anything, the opposite would be true.

I need to stop waiting for something to happen. I need to MAKE IT HAPPEN! I need to grow some balls, stop pitying myself and just…DO SHIT! 

So that is what I’m going to do. 

Stay tuned…

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