Music Asks (all filled in!)


1. Favorite Band – Simple Minds
2. Favorite Song – Wonderful In Young Life
3. Favorite Album – Empires And Dance
4. Favorite Era – early 80s
5. Favorite Guitarist – The Edge, Mick Ronson
6. Favorite Bassist – has to be Big Dan, really! (Derek Forbes) but Bernard Edwards, Herbie Flowers and Sting are also great.
7. Favorite Singer – Jim Kerr, David Bowie
8. Favorite Drummer – Stewart Copeland, Tony Thompson
9. Favorite Genre – New Wave/electronic
10. Favorite Member – the male one 😉

Would You Rather:

11. Would you rather write poetry with Bob Dylan or Jim Morrison? – Jim!
12. Would you rather write a song with Pete Townshend or Jack White? – Pete
13. Would you rather jam out with Keith Richards or Joan Jett? – Joan
14. Would you rather party with Janis Joplin or Keith Moon? – Not sure I could (or would want to!) keep up with Keith…so Janis
15. Would you rather marry Alex Turner or Ezra Koenig? – Alex
16. Would you rather date Debbie Harry or St. Vincent? – St. Vinny
17. Would you rather die with Kurt Cobain or John Lennon? – Wow! What a bizarre question. Neither! Both died in harrowing circumstances!!!!! Jeez! :-/
18. Would you rather dress like David Bowie or Syd Barrett? – David
19. Would you rather dance with Ian Curtis or Mick Jagger? – Ian
20. Would you rather protest with Joan Baez or Roger Waters? – Joan


21. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? – Beatles
22. Is music “good” nowadays? – Depends where it’s coming from. What genre it is. Yeah…there’s still good music to be had, you just seem to have to swim through more poo to find it. Lol
23. Should bands break up over band members deaths? – I’d probably say “yes” if it is the lead singer – they are too hard to replace. For me, Bon Scott, Freddie Mercury and Michael Hutchence are irreplaceable and the band is not the same without them. Other members probably COULD be replaced. Sorry guys! There are very few other band members like that that are irreplaceable. I can think of only one.
24. George Harrison or Eric Clapton? – Harrison! Clapton’s an asshat!
25. Thoughts on Feminism in rock? – I don’t have any…
26. Is school as bad as Roger Waters makes it out to be or is it as necessary as Paul Mccartney says it is? – Both!
27. Thoughts on Yoko Ono? – Meh.
28. Do you believe there should be an age limit to bands? – Hmmm. Not really. Only if they really seem past their best. But you can’t put that limit on ALL bands because it differs from group to group and it depends on their age when they started, how long they’ve been going, how music they’ve produced, etc…
29. Is musical fanaticism simply a fad for teenagers? – No!!! Definitely not! See my blog and you’ll see that’s a firm “no”! (I’m nearly 45)
30. Best modern band – Pollyn

Have You Ever:

31. Have you ever cried over a band? – Yes!
32. Have you ever screamed over a band? – Yes!
33. Have you ever kissed a poster of CD? – Yes!
34. Have you ever spent too much time fantasizing over a band (or being in a band)? – No!! I could NEVER spend too much time doing that! Lol
35. Have you ever bought overpriced merchandise? – YEP!
36. Have you ever tried dressing like a band member? – Not really.
37. Have you ever legitimately fallen in love with a band member? – Legitimately?! That’s a weird way to phrase. Well, if my feelings feel genuine, they are legit? So, yes.
38. Have you ever considered becoming a groupie? – Not these days.
39. Have you ever met a band member? – No :-((
40. Have you ever annoyed anyone over your music obsessiveness? – YES! On an almost DAILY basis. Lol

Would You Ever:

41. Would you ever follow a band? – If I had the dough, most definitely!
42. Would you ever become a Groupie? – See answer 38
43. Would you ever drop acid with Syd Barrett (and risk schizophrenia)? – No
44. Would you ever smoke a joint with Bob Dylan? – Yes…though I don’t think he’d be that much fun.
45. Would you ever marry Mick Jagger (he’s slept with 4,000+ women and I don’t think he’ll stop for a marriage)? – Never.
46. Would you ever crowd surf (to get closer to the band in a violent crowd)? – Nah.
47. Would you ever time travel (with risk of getting lost in space) to meet your favorite band? – Hell yes!!! IN A HEARTBEAT!
48. Would you ever strive to become a rockstar? – No.
49. Would you ever break up with Alex Turner? – Yes.
50. Would you ever collaborate with One Direction (for a mountain of money)? – Noooo!!

Who’s Cuter:

51. Paul McCartney or Keith Moon? – Keith
52. John Lennon or George Harrison? – George
53. Alex Turner or Joshua Hayward? – Alex
54. Grace Slick or Joan Baez? – Grace (but 60s Grace – not “We Built This Shitty” Grace!)
55. St. Vincent or Debbie Harry? – Again? Repetitive, much? St. Vinny still.
56. Kurt Cobain or Dave Grohl? – Kurt
57. Damon Albarn or Liam Gallagher? – Damon
58. Courtney Love or Madonna? – Can’t stand either of them these days…but probably will take Courtney cos she’s moderately less of an asshat than Lady Madge.
59. Jimmy Page or Robert Plant? – Tough! Probably Jimmy…he seems to give slightly less of a shit. I dunno. They are both uber cool!
60. David Bowie or Keith Richards? – DAVID!!!

Who’s Better:

61. Lennon/McCartney or Jagger/Richards? – Lennon/McCartney
62. Keith Moon or John Bonham? – Shit!!! Come on!!! Moonham! Lol
63. Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton? – Hendrix (Clapton = asshat)
64. Donovan or Bob Dylan? – Dylan! (Who the fuck is picking Donovan?!)
65. Debbie Harry or Madonna? – Debs
66. Michael Jackson or Queen? – Queen!!
67. Hole or Nirvana? – Both!
68. The Horrors or Arctic Monkeys? – Neither…probably The Horrors based on the single song I know of theirs. Dunno. Not into either of them, really.
69. Buddy Holly or Chuck Berry? – Chuck Berry! Buddy Holly for dates, Chuck Berry for SEX!! 😉
70. The Ramones or Sex Pistols? – Pistols, probably. Lydon’s too vitriolic to ignore.

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