Any UK-based Simple Minds fans read this Tumblr blog? The reason I ask is because the band is releasing this LP set on Record Store Day (April 18), but only in the UK and there’s only 1,000 copies getting pressed. Folks in the rest of the world—like me—are out of luck. If anyone could try to snag me a copy, let me know and I’ll gladly pay for it; alternately, I can certainly try to get you something that’s US-only as I’ll be at on line at one of the local shops bright and early that day.

I haven’t seen any pricings for it yet. I’m assuming as a limited edition, it’ll be at least £25.00 – possibly closer to £30/35. Strange, as when SM linked to it on their Facebook page they said copies would be available worldwide…
I want to have a go getting it myself. Will see if I can find out costings and get back to you. Shipping to the U.S. probably won’t be cheap either. But if you and I both have the funds to do it, I’m happy to help out :-))

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