I value seeing movies and actors more than I value listening to albums or other bands. I love people like Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro. I’d rather go and see De Niro than I would David Bowie or David Byrne, to be honest.

JIM KERR (SIMPLE MINDS) on the things he enjoys. (via musicsnobs)

He said that in 1982 though. I’m not sure he feels quite the same now. He certainly loves going to gigs these days! Only recently he went to see Kate Bush and The Who.

I’m not sure he’s much of a fan of the Hollywood blockbuster – but I bet he still loves De Niro and Nicholson. He still says the highlight of performing at Live Aid was being intro-ed by Jack. He could barely concentrate on the singing, so stoked he was at being introduced on stage by Jack. God love him!

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